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You already know about codes and programs – but you think IT only really gets interesting in practical application? Then a dual study program in Informatics is just right for you. Right from the start, you work in our team and learn about important methods in logistics. At the same time, you can apply your enthusiasm for IT. Sounds interesting? Then we'd like to hear about your abilities and become your new employer.

Our mission: Making logistics easier. Providing more success for our customers.

Our principle: We are a dynamic company with a rich past, a successful present and a strong future!

Our promise to you: Joining BLG LOGISTICS will be a great move! With this promise, we aim to motivate you to come on board. That's because we want you to make us even better with your capabilities, ideas and your whole personality.


We train our future employees, and we can offer you a dual study program in Informatics, starting on September 1, 2021


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We tell you what to expect from a dual study program, and what you should bring to the table. And if you think we're a good fit, we look forward to your application!

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During the study program, you learn all about IT systems and application development. You also gain insights into project management and business processes. Our dual study program ensures that after 4 years you are fully qualified – and also have practical experience.

This is what you can look forward to in your dual study program in Informatics:

  • You demonstrate your talent for IT and learn in a team.
  • Whether in the technical area, controlling or in the thick of operations – you get to know our company and our IT infrastructure in detail.
  • Process projects and learn what legal conditions you need to keep in mind.
  • Your key words are: Business applications technology, customer IT, programming, implementation. You update and debug business systems
  • In the theory phase, you learn the basics of business processes – and in the practical phases you apply what you have learned.
  • You work in projects and help complete them.

Immerse yourself in the world of an IT specialist (m/f/d)

Combine theory and practice in logistics in a dual study program in Informatics at BLG. This study program prepares you for work in a large logistics company. But unlike a pure university course, you are fully integrated in practical work at the company from day one. You learn all about business processes and also gain management skills.
Forwarding? Transport? Logistics? In our 4-year dual study program, you learn all you need in all areas.

What is the structure of the study program?

Your Bachelor course runs over 8 semesters. In the first three years (semester 1-6), you attend Bremen University of Applied Sciences as well as the vocational school in Utbremen. After one-and-a-half years, you take the intermediate exam, and after 3 years the final exam to qualify as an IT specialist (the examination authority is the Chamber of Commerce). During semester 5-6, 
you complete the practical phase in our company as well as taking part in an industrial project. Projects? At BLG, you work on them independently. After about 4 years (semester 7-8), you complete your Informatics studies with a Bachelor degree.

"My dual study program at BLG allowed me to finally realize my potential and become an application developer for process management in innovation."

Mustafa, dual student in Informatics

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  • Don't want a boring job? Then BLG is just right for you! You study for 6 semesters. Each semester combines 12 weeks of theory with 12 weeks of practice at BLG. 
  • You earn a good student/apprentice wage and get lots of additional benefits.
  • After you successfully complete your course, we offer you an unlimited employment contract.


Find out about the dual study program in Logistics at BLG here!

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During your studies and practical work, you cover all areas of logistics. This gives you all you need for a career in logistics. Your courses cover the following areas:

  • Business and social studies
  • methods and social competencies
  • project work and presentations
  • business processes
  • project management
  • IT systems
  • application development,
  • math
  • Technical IT
  • software technology
  • electrotechnology

You qualify with a B.Sc. in Informatics. As a result, you can work as a logistics expert in the entire logistics industry anywhere in the world!


Sounds good? Then take the plunge: Apply now and start your career at BLG LOGISTICS! We look forward to welcoming you to our team!
You can take our test in your own home as soon as you receive your access data from us. If you pass, we invite you to take another test at BLG. Application deadline? There isn't one! We fill our apprenticeship and study places in a rolling selection process. You don't have your application documents ready? No problem. You can take our tests without them. We will inform you when we need your application.

You can find more information here: Apprenticeships at BLG LOGISTICS

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