Diversity at BLG LOGISTICS

Diversity means accepting and valuing everybody just as they are. Wherever they come from, whether they are male or female, whatever their beliefs, and independently of their sexual orientation, age and capabilities.

Diversity can only develop its full potential if there is a common basis. Creating a culture of togetherness is our response to the great diversity we experience. Our diversity management covers all the individual measures we take and our open attitude toward difference. It is how we respond to the diversity in our company.

A portrait of two people who are realizing their potential at BLG. They are just two examples that stand for many similar stories.

Diversity: award conferred on BLG in 2017

In 2017, BLG received recognition for our handling of diversity and our many activities in this area. We were awarded the Bremen Diversity Prize. Here is an extract from the jury's verdict:  "The logistics company's diversity measures range from discrimination-free selection processes to support for gaining qualifications later in life, promotion of women to management positions, diversity awareness workshops, utilization of the potentials of a multi-cultural workforce and the integration of people with a refugee background.

These activities go far beyond the usual level of what companies of the size of BLG do to promote diversity."

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"How do we benefit from diversity? Every different culture and every different personality brings a different viewpoint to the table. This reveals things that we may not have realized before."

Britta Philipsen,
Manager Operations at BLG LOGISTICS


Empowering women for leadership roles is an important issue for us. Because we need women as qualified and committed employees. That's why we pay particular attention to this. We start with vocational training. As a second step, we offer our management trainee program for university graduates - our employees are then given management functions relatively quickly and gain management experience with us at a very early stage.

And because top management always leads by example, there are of course two women on the Board of Management, Ulrike Riedel and Christine Hein. As a result, BLG AG moved up into the top group of listed companies in Germany in terms of the proportion of women in executive and supervisory board positions.

In 2017, BLG set itself the goal of increasing the proportion of women in management positions. The goal was to achieve a quota of 20 percent by 2020, and this target has been reached.

However, support is also provided to those who can only complete their vocational training part-time due to having one or more children. Our part-time vocational training model is aimed specifically at mothers. Particularly important for part-time trainees: We take on 75% of our trainees!

"I successfully qualified from my part-time apprenticeship and was taken on. Now I work at the auto terminal in a job that I love. I would recommend the part-time program to any woman or mother."

Joanna Les, assistant at BLG Group


Continuous fostering of talents is important, especially for people who have worked for a longer time in the company. That is why we have established qualification programs. They enable people who have joined us from a different area to attain a vocational qualification while working at their current job. The career path of Tanja Benouda-Bahlmann illustrates how this kind of targeted qualification works. Tanja started working at BLG in 2007, initially via an employment agency. Just two years later, she took on her first more responsible tasks in Quality Assurance (QA). In 2018, Tanja Benouda-Bahlmann qualified as a specialist for warehouse logistics (FALOG) before the Chamber of Commerce.

The highly committed employee received plenty of support on her career path: 
"We were exclusively assigned to the early shift, and released from work for classroom lessons. BLG provided study rooms for exam preparation and Ms. Krüger, the HR manager responsible for us, was always ready to listen to our concerns. I didn't have to pay anything for the course."

One year later, Tanja Benouda-Bahlmann completed our in-house training for shift supervisors. She now works as an acting shift supervisor.

Tanja is a specialist for warehouse logistics and acting shift supervisor in the logistics center in Bremen.
Tanja is a specialist for warehouse logistics and acting shift supervisor in the logistics center in Bremen.

"Before you are allowed to take the exam as a specialist for warehouse logistics, you need five years of industry experience. BLG gave me that opportunity. I'm so happy that I can now say: I am a specialist for warehouse logistics."

Tanja Benouda-Bahlmann, shift supervisor at BLG

"We support employees (m/f/d) with a migration background. Especially refugees can find support at BLG. These people come with the kind of determination and commitment we need. Imagine setting off on a 
10,000-km journey into the unknown in search of a better life.
That deserves our support!"

Sabrina Kamrad, Assistant to the Director of Labor Relations at BLG LOGISTICS GROUP 


During his apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer, Rachid Barry is working in various areas of BLG.

A further example of diversity and support at BLG are the many opportunities for entry and advancement such as our entry qualification year (EQJ). This is how Rachid Barry came to us. First, he started his EQJ, and one year later his apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer: "The apprenticeship is very varied. There's the practical part, where I can roll up my sleeves and really get down to work. Then there's the part where we learn IT and programming skills. I found the EQJ very helpful when I was starting out."

There are many examples that show what is possible for people who want to expand their potentials and achieve their own goals. This is all possible because we respect and value each other, recognize our similarities and benefit from our variety.

"My plan is to finish my apprenticeship, work here for a few years to get experience, then go back to my own country if possible. That's what motivates me every day and it's why I'm so happy to have this opportunity."

Rachid Barry, apprentice mechatronics engineer


We'd like to get to know you. Become part of the diversity of BLG LOGISTICS.


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