C3 Bremen: Green logistics center also a model for future projects

Bremen, 10.19.2021

BLG LOGISTICS is not due to open the doors of its new mega logistics unit for an automotive customer until 2022. Yet the whole industry is already talking about the contract logistics service supplier. What makes the project so different is the triple focus behind the planning and construction of the facility: customers, employee comfort and climate protection.

The launch of a new era in logistics real estate started at BLG LOGISTICS on a wooden bench. This was where the group who laid the foundation stone for the C3 Bremen project in the GVZ (freight center) in Bremen on October 14 posed for the photographers. A bench for taking a rest as a symbol for a dynamic leap forward?

Frank Dreeke, Chairman of the Board BLG Logistics, Mayor Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte and President of the Bremen Senate, Sascha Petersmann, Managing Director Baytree Germany, Kuno Neumeier, Managing Director Logivest.

It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it makes sense in the case of the 28,500 m² facility for production supply of the international assembly plants of a German automotive manufacturer. Firstly, the bench symbolizes the fact that only rested employees who feel comfortable in their working environment enjoy their work. And secondly, the material of the bench stands for sustainable construction and new thinking.

Best for customers, the environment and employees: Right from the start of plans for the new contract logistics unit, BLG LOGISTICS decided that these three areas would be the focus. So C3 stands for Customer, Climate and Comfort. Even before the first spade was turned, people in the industry were already talking about the holistic concept for a sustainable logistics center planned by the logistics service provider. Experts see it as a lighthouse project. The two names that always crop up are Baytree Logistics Properties, the developer and owner, and BLG LOGISTICS, the future occupant.

“The automotive parts securely packed in containers can be transported smoothly to large seaports. What's more, the Roland Terminal provides an excellent rail link, while the Neustädter port provides a connection by water to Bremerhaven“

Sascha Petersmann, CEO Germany of the investor Baytree

The location of the new logistics center is ideal for customers in the automobile industry who contract BLG LOGISTICS to supply services for completely knocked down (CKD) activities.

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The fact that the services currently carried out at several locations will be pooled in the C3 Bremen already boosts sustainability. This concentration saves not only costs, but also transport kilometers. And every kilometer not traveled is good news for the environment. In line with customer requirements, the developer also planned efficient working paths and routines inside the plant. All processes follow the lean management principle. This means that the processes in the eight building sections will be constantly improved and any weak points will be identified in simulations.

In terms of climate protection, the planners didn't just make individual adjustments here and there. Instead, they developed a holistic concept. The aim is to obtain a Platinum certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) as well as a WELL GOLD certification. The new logistics center is a key component in the BLG LOGISTICS sustainability strategy dedicated to climate neutrality by 2030.

“Our goals for radically reducing greenhouse gas emissions are recognized by the Science Based Targets initiative 2020. This made BLG LOGISTICS the first German logistics service provider with a scientifically recognized climate protection goal“
Frank Dreeke,

Sustainable ideas were also central to the planning of the outdoor grounds. For irrigation, a rainwater tank with a capacity of 20 m³ will be installed. There will be a park featuring fruit trees, a wildflower meadow and insect hotels. Also included in the plans are charging stations for electric cars and electric trucks for the shuttle service.

These investments simultaneously benefit the environment and the employees. That is expressed in the third C - Comfort. The orchard and park complete with pond and barbecue hut are designed for recreation. Staff can enjoy meals in a stylish canteen where the focus is on healthy food.

Even before the center opens, the logistics service provider has resolved that it will not be a one-off, but a blueprint for further BLG LOGISTICS projects. Their grounds will likely also include a wooden bench.

C3 Bremen: Facts and figures

Site size: 152,000 m²
Building area: 82,500 m²
Building sections: 8
Mezzanine, office and social areas: 6,000 m²
Loading tunnel: 5,000 m²
Outdoor storage area for empty load carriers: 3,000 m²
Car parking spaces: 333
Truck parking spaces: 10
Container spaces: 18

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