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Bremen, 02.23.2021

240 hectares, room for 70,000 vehicles, 18 berths for car carriers – BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven is one of the world's largest automobile hubs and impresses with a number of superlatives.

Vehicles arrive at the port by ship from manufacturers in the USA, Mexico or Asia. By road or rail, they continue on their journey to European dealers. Conversely, European manufacturers ship cars from Bremerhaven to destinations around the globe. For our customers, we move hundreds of thousands of vehicles per year. Even for smaller orders, the BLG promise to provide the right routes and manage complex tasks applies – whether the job is for 100 or 100,000 vehicles.

Here you can see a collection of stunning pictures and impressions.

Included on site are three technical centres where more than 300 BLG employees carry out technical conversions and install air conditioning and entertainment systems, navigation systems, leather seats, sports rims or spoilers. On an area of more than 300,000 m², BLG offers its customers an extended workbench with several car wash lines, finishing booths, underbody coating systems and lifting platforms. Every year, Bremerhaven upgrades some 400,000 vehicles ahead of further transport. This makes the BLG facility in Bremerhaven one of Europe's largest automobile workshops.

Automobile handling is becoming ever more complex. That’s because today there are more suppliers, more destination ports and vastly more vehicle models. BLG has made this complexity manageable with a new, intelligent control system in Bremerhaven. The relevant research project has been underway since 2018. Its name is „ISABELLA“. In various phases, Isabella integrates a large number of additional aspects which will also change the work of the employees at the terminal. The basis for the new technology is an order planning control system.

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