So much BLG is in your home

Bremen, 09.14.2021

The Billy shelf system from IKEA, coffee from Tchibo, sportswear from PUMA, bathroom fittings from hansgrohe or the car in front of your house – how much BLG has gone into your home?

Big-name brands from various industries trust in the reliability and competence of BLG LOGISTICS when it comes to automobile, contract and container logistics. The global logistics service provider headquartered in Bremen is driven by 11,600 highly committed employees at more than 60 locations throughout Germany. Thanks to their logistics expertise and hard work, products from established, renowned brands arrive reliably, in top condition and promptly at their destinations. We perfectly bring together a selection of locations and goods. What they have in common is that every one of them contains a little bit, or a little bit more of BLG LOGISTICS.

Whether consumer goods, textiles, food or automobiles, logistics brings variety into our lives! For more than 145 years, the BLG Group has been synonymous with logistics based on expertise and passion. A simple look at our personal surroundings reveals the extent to which seaport and logistics services are part of all our lives. Take a look around. Without realizing it, you have probably been touched by BLG at least three times today. For example, if you used a 
printer from Konica-Minolta. Since August 2018, BLG in Emmerich has been adapting the multifunctional printing systems – from small table-top models to 14-meter solutions for printing shops – to the requirements of Konica-Minolta's end customers.

Or maybe you went jogging: In PUMA's new European logistics center in Geiselwind, we move more than 120,000 articles. We pick and pack the sports article manufacturer's products at ergonomic goods-to-person workplaces. At the latest in the popular Swedish furniture store, we are everywhere. BLG ships all IKEA products ordered online or in the furniture stores from our warehouse in Elsdorf to some 1,000 end customers throughout northern Germany. BLG also supplies the stores in southern Germany and Switzerland from our facility in Erfurt.

From heating systems from Buderus and Bosch in your cellar to the leisure equipment in your attic – the BLG house gives you an impression of the vast variety of our services.

They continue seamlessly in front of the house, in the garden and far beyond. Included in the products we move are the car in the driveway, the tractor on the field and the autotransporter on the freeway: The BLG LOGISTICS AUTOMOBILE division provides the complete worldwide logistics for finished vehicles from the manufacturer to the dealer. We take care of not only handling, storage, technical processing and forwarding and transport logistics by rail, road and barge, but also seaport logistics for consumer goods. Discover the broad range of BLG services behind the brands in your home!

Every day we transport, pick and process high-end textiles from major labels. More than five million units from a men's and women's fashion specialist are stored in our highly automated central warehouse in Ochtrup. Over five million items from a specialist in women's and men's fashion are stored in the ultra-modern warehouse in Ochtrup. Intelligent automation solutions enable a broad range of products to be delivered to the Point of Sale on time and cost-effectively and with a high throughput rate.

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