Customer - Climate – Comfort: C3 logsitics building sets a new benchmark in green development and technical features

Bremen, 04.13.2022

C3 Bremen. A sustainable Logitiscs Center

Sustainable logistics buildings such as the C3 are designed right from the start to meet not only operational, but also ecological and social requirements. During the concept development and construction of the C3, the focus was always on customer wishes, sustainability and employee comfort. The building sets a new benchmark in green development and technical features, making it a lighthouse project for sustainability. This is reflected in the name. C3 stands for Customer, Climate and Comfort.

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A sustainable logistics building and lighthouse project

C3 sets new benchmarks: The building will feature the currently largest continuous roof-mounted photovoltaic system in Germany. 

In future, services currently provided at several locations will be pooled in the C3 Bremen.  That will save not only costs but also kilometers covered for transport. And every kilometer not traveled is good news for the environment.

The C3 Bremen is located at the freight center, with direct access to the freeway, rail network and, via the Neustädter Hafen port, inland and sea shipping. 

The site features green areas with quiet zones, and the building is flooded with natural light through windows in the roof, façade and doors. There is also a canteen with outdoor terrace and a garden with indigenous trees and shrubs.

Holistic climate protection during construction and operation

The 82,500-m² C3 Bremen was planned and built according to a holistic climate protection concept. Our aim here is to achieve Platinum certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) as well as a WELL GOLD certificate.


Climate protection on and around the building

  • 80,000-m² photovoltaic system on the entire roof area
  • Energy-efficient building skin with all-round thermal insulation thanks to façade insulation
  • Holistic energy concept for heating, hot water, ventilation, lighting and air conditioning
  • 60-m³ rainwater cistern for irrigation of the grounds
  • Smart light control inside and outside the building
  • Landscape with indigenous fruit trees and shrubs (blueberries, apples etc.)
  • Wildflower meadows with insect hotels and beehives
  • Planting of sea buckthorn, flowering cypresses and burnet roses, plus a meadow orchard for preservation of local species
  • Charging stations for electric cars and bikes as well as charging stations for shuttle transport with electric trucks

Climate protection that benefits our employees

  • Grounds including a dune landscape with pond, conference container, breaktime areas and event areas, e.g. for barbecues
  • Moss walls in the interior for a better climate
  • Roof light strips and glazed façades to let in plenty of daylight
  • Pedestrian bridge with larch wood
  • Greened roofs on the gatehouse and bicycle shelter
  • Canteen in natural design (wood, glass, plants) plus loggia and outside terrace
  • Healthy, freshly prepared food

"The C3 Bremen is a forward-looking new-build project that reconciles customer requirements, sustainability, and employee needs in an exceptional way. This is not just a one-off project. It is intended as a blueprint for other locations in our network."


Matthias Klawitter, C3 Bremen Project Manager at BLG LOGISTICS 

More sustainable processes due to digitalization and smart tech

State-of-the-art warehouse systems and inventory management software help make processes more efficient and sustainable. For example, put-to-light picking minimizes errors. The route-optimized picking process and needs-based replenishment control ensure paperless and more sustainable picking.

Smart tech supports more sustainable processes in the building

  • Automatic tacking station
  • Digital shopfloor
  • Automatic small parts chute
  • Incoming and outgoing goods visualization
  • DTS (driverless transport systems)
  • Automated measuring and weighing
  • Moving floor
  • Narrow-aisle rack
  • Conveying routes (standard and small parts)
  • Andon board

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