Location Eisenach

Tailor-made logistics services and a competence center for cleaning solutions

In Eisenach, BLG provides logistics services for local automotive suppliers as well as customers from various industries. Just-in-time production supply, in-house transport logistics, warehousing activities as well as the dispatch of finished goods are part of these customer offerings.

As a special feature of our value added services, Eisenach boasts a state-of-the-art industrial cleaning station. We handle the cleaning of small load carriers, thermoformed molded containers, plastic pallets and pallet covers.

Our range of services:

  • Just-in-time production supply with purchased parts and raw materials
  • Just-in-time packaging supply
  • Small load carrier container management
  • Small load carrier cleaning
  • Internal transports
  • Production disposal
  • Warehousing/consignment storage
  • Goods picking
  • Packaging and repackaging services
  • Shipment processing
  • Customs processing
  • Shuttle transport
  • Transport control and scheduling
Markus Niemeier
Markus Niemeier

Director Operations

Contact by phone+49 341 52055 11

You can find us here:

BLG Industrielogistik
GmbH & Co. KG

Dürrerhöfer Allee 2
99817 Eisenach

The project has enabled the Eisenach site to improve its electricity consumption and thus its carbon footprint.

BLG Standort Eisenach
Gabelstapler fährt durch das BLG Lager in Eisenach
Der Standort Eisenach von innen, Transportbänder.

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