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on the entire road network

You can count on reliable national and Europe-wide truck transport from BLG. Whether you want FTL / LTL, container movement, heavy goods transport (incl. SPMT), long vehicles or construction site supply, the same high quality applies. Our one face to the customer approach, if required also in the form of a control tower, means you are always in touch with one contact person, from LTL to XXL.

  • National / Europe-wide FTL and LTL

  • Container moving

  • Heavy goods transport

  • Long trucks

  • Construction site supply

  • Break bulk

  • Intermodal solutions

  • Special transport

We carry full and part loads by truck throughout Europe. Through our partners in several European countries, we have access to more than 500 trucks and 600 trailers. We take charge of national transport movements, daily import and export services linking the whole of central Europe and Scandinavia with the east and south of the continent, and supply both resellers' warehouses and industrial sites. Among other areas of expertise, we specialize in transporting goods within Germany, to and from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece, Turkey and the UK.

Trucks from BLG LOGISTICS at location Falkensee.
International truck transport

We have a special focus on the following areas:

  • National / Europe-wide FTL
  • National / Europe-wide LTL
  • Container movement 
  • Heavy goods transport (including SPMT) 
  • Long trucks
  • Construction site supply 
  • Intermodal solutions
  • Use of the latest IT systems and own apps 
  • Special transport

Our one face to the customer approach, if required also in the form of a control tower, means you are always in touch with one contact person, from LTL to XXL.

Our truck fleet

  • More than 500 trucks with EUR 6 emissions class 
  • More than 600 trailers (standard and mega, CodeXL)
  • Low loaders
  • Long trucks
  • State-of-the-art load securing 
  • Modular transport vehicles (SPMT)


We draw on many years of expertise in booking time slots – including via the popular booking and provider portals. We load the consignment on time on the supplier's premises and deliver it to the customer right on schedule. The very latest IT systems and our own apps enable us to maintain a seamless information chain.

We announce and book the delivery slot with the aid of external internet-based systems, and monitor the entire journey.
Thanks to our GPS-enabled fleet, we always know where your goods are and when they will arrive. If you require, we use geofencing and ETA calculation to proactively send information to you or the goods recipient.

Truck driver with consignment tracking app.
Consignment tracking app.


For the benefit of our customers, we constantly work on optimizing our processes and improving our services in truck transport. 
Together with our customers, we develop, test and implement innovative and sustainable solutions.

There is a particular focus on digitalization of our processes. Telematics apps make consignment tracking more transparent, and digital transport documents enable simpler, more efficient and more sustainable transport processing. Another aspect is improving information flow with automated messages for certain situations. Our digital document management can send all the relevant information and documents to everybody involved by e-mail. This consigns work-intensive coordination processes to history.

Among the countless innovative solutions for optimizing transport by truck, we are also testing and implementing various novel approaches such as alternative fuels or special tracking. There are numerous opportunities to apply innovative digital methods to optimize performance in truck transport and to increase efficiency overall. Simply contact us to find out more about our innovative services for truck transport.

These truck transport services round off our services portfolio

  • Digital document management Shipment tracking (telematics apps) Customs clearance
  • Alternative fuels
  • Load checks (weighing, counting, measuring)
  • EDI and API interfaces to customers and suppliers
  • Load monitoring and KPI monitoring
App interface shipment tracking of truck transports.
Shipment tracking of truck transports.


Nothing is too big, too heavy or too bulky for our heavy goods specialists. We move all types of self-propelled or rolling units, handle iron, steel, pipes and lumber and transport and transship special project cargo. Our sites have an excellent infrastructure as well as specialized equipment we can use whenever and wherever customers need it, e.g. modular transporters (SPMT). That is why our motivated heavy goods specialists are happy to take on any challenge and provide the right logistics solution every time.

More logistics services

High & heavy

Optimal logistics for rollable and heavy goods at the Bremerhaven ro-ro terminal