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Cargo handling and storage

Global shipping following flexible storage in Bremen

At Neustädter Hafen, we handle almost all products from the product groups steel products (pipes, coils, sheets, slabs, beams, etc.) forest products (paper, pulp, sawed lumber, etc.) and machinery/equipment (general cargo, heavy cargo, rail vehicles, road vehicles, etc.). As well as having all of the specialized equipment needed to handle the different products, we have built up many years of experience and expertise – absolutely vital for the proper handling of very diverse products. Unit weights of more than 200 tons can be handled in Neustädter Hafen with port truck cranes and moved with the so-called translifters at the terminal.

Neustädter Hafen has approximately 450,000 m2 of open storage space and operational area, as well as approximately 240,000 m2 of covered storage space. These capacities allow us to accommodate large quantities of goods at any time in the port before shipping or to store them on a long-term basis.

Neustädter Hafen has ideal trimodal transport connections: We have a direct link free of traffic congestion to the road network via the A281. We are connected to the European waterway network via the river Weser and the German Midland Canal. With around 18km of railroad trackage at the terminal and the preceding station of Bremen-Grolland, we are in a position to dispatch multiple block trains at the same time or to take delivery of rail vehicles long before shipping.

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LME Warehouse / opening hours

Our Warehouse opening hours are Monday through Friday, 06:30am – 4:00pm. For any other detailed inquiries regarding scheduling and handling delivery slots please contact Mr. Jens Bartnick.


Assemble heavy cargo right on the water

The port is becoming a workbench: due to the production trend towards ever larger and heavier components, Neustädter Hafen is developing into an important location for major assemblies. Large modules from gas production plants and completely assembled cranes with a unit weight of up to 800 tons have been loaded for shipping at Neustädter Hafen, having been assembled there also. Assembly areas can be provided right by the deep water for sea-going vessels. Forklift trucks, reach stackers, Self-propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT), and port truck cranes with capacity of more than 200 tons are available to assist with the assembly. Furthermore, we offer other services on request, such as the provision of truck-mounted cranes, lifting platforms, scaffolding, etc. It is also possible to rent office space and social areas in the immediate vicinity of the construction area.

Stevedoring and lashing

Loading and securing "on board„

Our associate company Schultze Stevedoring GmbH + Co. KG, in which BLG Cargo Logistics has a 50% stake, provides stevedoring and lashing in all of the ports along the river Weser. Whether your company deals with heavy cargo, valuable steel, or delicate forest products, we would be glad to be your partner for consulting, planning, and securing your cargo on board the ship.

The BLG Cargo Logistics inspectors work hand-in-hand with the inspectors in Schultze Stevedoring. Joint planning of the loading and unloading ensures that the ship is dispatched quickly.

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Systematic engineering

Concepts tailored to your requirements

Our experienced engineering team develops customized holistic concepts to meet your requirements. In addition to the technical elaboration of all transport, storage, and handling processes, our range of services also includes the development and production of storage, transport, and load-bearing systems in accordance with the modular design principle as well as the preparation of method statements.


Collection, storage and packing of general cargo

Together with our associate company DCP Dettmer Container Packing GmbH + Co. KG, we can offer you comprehensive container services: container freight station, container depot, and container repairs. The large halls in our packing center, which has a total area of more than 30,000 square meters, are ideal for the storage and picking of general cargo and palletized cargo. Neustädter Hafen is directly linked to the container terminals in the city of Bremerhaven via a feeder service.

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