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Container management

Safeguarding the container cycles

The availability of load carriers is a prerequisite for optimal flow of materials and smooth production. As part of production supply and production disposal, we can provide you with comprehensive container management. BLG LOGISTICS organizes the return transport for the load carriers, processes them, and carries out any repairs that may be necessary. Returning the containers to you and your partners completes the cycle.

In the climate and building services engineering industry, stringent requirements must be met regarding cleanliness of the containers. Load carriers are cleaned meticulously using modern eco-friendly washing plants and thoroughly prepared for the next production steps. Where necessary, any relevant ESD requirements are met.

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Material procurement

Guaranteeing the availability of material

Our range of services includes the management of global suppliers and the organization of international transport. We can also take care of your import customs clearance, provide our own customs warehouses, and organize your consignment stocks.

Furthermore, BLG LOGISTICS can look after purchasing of packaging and your inventory control.

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Spare parts logistics

Managing diversity

In climate and building services engineering, the particular logistical challenge is the diversity of parts and the permanent availability and quick reliable supply of these parts.

BLG LOGISTICS can offer you comprehensive planning of the process chain: supplier management and provision for service parameters, with monitoring of inventory, through to quality inspection, dispatch control, and subsequent consignment tracking. 

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Technical services

Customized solutions

We carry out all kinds of value-adding tasks for you. In consultation with you as our customer, we can also look after the procurement of suitable equipment and machinery. In order to guarantee a high standard, we offer you comprehensive technical services and quality control that is carried out by our qualified specialists. 

As well as technical incoming goods inspections, we can also carry out disassembly or cleaning of products in our washing plants.

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Plant-based logistics

The focus on the customer

We run logistics supplier centers of various sizes. Our portfolio also includes the planning and organization of new constructions, the use of our own customs warehouses, and import customs clearance. Additionally, we deal with yard management, incoming goods inspections, and identity checks.

At BLG LOGISTICS, we develop product-specific storage solutions for our customers and carry out picking and packing at the customer's request. The goods are arranged according to the requirements of the manufacturer and introduced into the meticulously timed production schedules (just in sequence). We look after the sorting function and route planning, which are specially tailored to the customer's requirements. We also take care of the import customs clearance, using our own customs warehouses.

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On-site logistics

Just in time for your production

We map complex logistics processes for production supply and deliver individual parts and modules just in time for production to the locations where they will be used in your production lines.

BLG LOGISTICS works together with you as our customer to plan customized tugger train concepts and look after your internal transportation. Furthermore, ready assembled components are taken from the production line and prepared for the next processing steps. As part of recycling and waste management, we make sure that materials and waste are disposed of correctly.

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Our service portfolio is backed up by our expertise in these areas

Supply chain management

  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Technology
  • IT management 
  • Quality management and sustainability

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Value-Added Services

  • Technical inspection
  • Material cleaning and surface inspection
  • Repacking of raw products
  • Customs clearance

Selected value-added services in production

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