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Bremen, 02.23.2021

It's the ultimate level in contract logistics: creating an entire logistics architecture for a customer from one source. Interview with Managing Director Christian Dieckhöfer

An architect is a master builder; a professional trained in the field of architecture who designs and creates buildings. He draws up construction plans and initiates their execution, but also supervises them. In contract logistics, BLG LOGISTICS provides complete solutions from one source. Our expert teams act as "logistics architects" to plan, create concepts and realize customer-specific logistics centers. Their solutions range from conventional to highly automated centers. Interview with Christian Dieckhöfer, Managing Director in our CONTRACT division. 

Christian Dieckhöfer is the Managing Director of the BLG CONTRACT division
The essential foundation is cooperation based on partnership and an open exchange with our customers.

Mr. Dieckhöfer, why should companies use this service?

Christian Dieckhöfer: Today, our customers face massive opportunities and challenges. Increasing digitalization opens up new possibilities in all areas of the value creation chain. At the same time, global competition demands ever-faster responses. More and more, logistics processes are also a factor in how competitive companies are. This is where we come in. We see ourselves as a powerful enabler for our customers – and therefore a driver of their value creation. When they get us on board, they can focus on their core business and let us take care of logistics. I like to compare it with building your own house:

Most of us would never plan and build a house on our own. We would get experts in to do their jobs. BLG LOGISTICS has a large team of 60 experts who draw on comprehensive experience from a wide range of projects and industry.

What exactly can your teams of experts offer?

Christian Dieckhöfer: Let's imagine a retailer is planning a new logistics system or wants to optimize its existing logistics processes. As logistics architects, we can take on the whole project from A to Z. We have the experience and expertise that enables us to manage complex challenges like this as easily and efficiently as possible. That's because we combine all the main competencies under one roof: construction, technical expertise, IT, project management and operational excellence. We combine these disciplines into a holistic concept, with project management as our core competency.

What are the important aspects in implementation?

Christian Dieckhöfer:  Two central aspects are crucial: the basic foundation is cooperation and open exchange with our customers based on partnership and trust. Whatever the project, our focus is on their wishes and requirements.

It's vital that the concepts we develop reflect the individual character of each customer and suit the specific corporate strategy. We listen to our customers, understand what they want to achieve, then apply our interdisciplinary expertise to develop precisely the right solutions. The other aspect I want to mention is our reliance on innovative methods and concepts. Here we work closely with our Sustainability and Digitalization central departments. This is how we develop futureproof, state-of-the-art solutions.

To date, BLG LOGISTICS has realized more than 500 projects in contract logistics.

What other advantages do your customers have when they contract BLG as their logistics architect?

Christian Dieckhöfer: We believe that, to manage the complexity of today's logistics processes, it is vital to use logistics architects who take all areas into account and create a functioning overall system. That's why we apply interdisciplinary expertise to develop logistics centers for our customers. We make sure we take all the parties involved into account during the ongoing process and that we satisfy them throughout. Our principle is that we plan every logistics job individually and with an appropriate degree of automation with regard to cost-effectiveness, flexibility, adaptability, scalability and growth. We take into account all the relevant platforms, systems and resources and cooperate with the best technology suppliers.

Why should customers implement projects in contract logistics with BLG LOGISTICS?

Christian Dieckhöfer: With more than 500 successfully realized projects, wide-ranging expertise in project management, strong structures, high performance capability and a solid corporate and project culture, we provide expert consulting and absolute reliability. We apply our industry-spanning logistics expertise to create exceptional concepts. And just as importantly: We are people who guide projects to success with intelligence, practical understanding and a passion for logistics.

Christian Dieckhöfer: "We are people who guide projects to success with intelligence, practical understanding and a passion for logistics.“

What are your current projects as a logistics architect?

Christian Dieckhöfer: Right now, we're working on a number of smaller and larger projects in this area. The ultimate level in contract logistics is building a complete logistics architecture for the customer from one source. A good example is the C3 Bremen: In Germany's largest freight center, the GVZ in Bremen, we are planning a new industrial site.

If everything goes to schedule, the production supply of the global assembly plant of a leading automobile manufacturer will be relocated from several sites in Bremen and concentrated in this new logistics center in mid-2022.

What is special about this project?

Christian Dieckhöfer: The name of the new logistics center is C3 Bremen, where C3 stands for customer, climate and comfort. With intelligent intralogistics planning and efficient work sequences, the logistics processing will be tailored to our customer's needs. We will apply the lean management principle to the processes inside the new facility along with a high degree of automation and digitalization. There is a holistic energy concept designed to ensure carbon-neutral operation of the building. Plus, we aim to gain the DGNB Gold certification for climate-positive buildings. Plans that will help us achieve this include a photovoltaic system covering the entire roof. A solar thermal energy system will feed electricity into the heating and hot water system. And the new project will also be a design highlight. Our specialists developed the interiors and exteriors with the well-being of humans and nature in mind to make the working environment as pleasant as possible. We also have a particular focus on the health of the workforce in the new building.

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