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High & Heavy

Never too high, never too heavy

We have decades of experience in professional handling of large equipment and project cargo. BLG's ro-ro terminal, where all high and heavy activities are handled, provides the optimal conditions for this. There is a mobile crane with a 100-ton lifting capacity and a floating crane with a 600-ton lifting capacity for handling heavy cargo or cartage in the port. If you require it, we can deal with the disassembly of tires and wheels, other subassemblies, repairs, or paint touch-ups. Other services we offer include washing in accordance with AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) and storage according to specified criteria. We are based at the auto terminal in Bremerhaven, where we also have a direct link to the container terminal.

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Every screw in place

Your machinery and equipment that goes through our hands will often be composed of a great number of elements and modules. On request, we will act as part of your production and assembly lines and assume responsibility for subassemblies and module assemblies. You let us know your construction and quality criteria, and our assembly experts will assemble the individual components or the complete machines. Downstream, we supply the completed modules directly to the location where they will be used. As a result of these value-adding tasks, BLG LOGISTICS optimizes the internal flow of goods.

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Plant-based logistics

The focus on the customer

We run logistics supplier centers of various sizes. Our portfolio also includes the planning and organization of new constructions, the use of our own customs warehouses, and import customs clearance. Additionally, we deal with yard management, incoming goods inspections, and identity checks.

At BLG LOGISTICS, we develop product-specific storage solutions for you, and carry out picking and packing at your request. The goods are arranged according to the requirements of the manufacturer and introduced into the meticulously timed production schedules (just in sequence). We look after the sorting function and route planning, which are specially tailored to the customer's requirements. We also take care of the import customs clearance, using our own customs warehouses.

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On-site logistics

Just in time for production

We map complex logistics processes for production supply and deliver individual parts and modules just in time for production to the locations where they will be used in your production lines.

BLG LOGISTICS works together with you as our customer to plan customized tugger train concepts and look after your internal transportation. Furthermore, ready assembled components are taken from the production line and prepared for the next processing steps. As part of recycling and waste management, we make sure that materials and waste are disposed of correctly.

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Technical services

Customized solutions

We carry out all kinds of value-adding tasks for you. This includes the procurement of suitable equipment and machinery, the cutting of aluminum profiles with CNC saws, surface treatment using modern lasers, or the cleaning of assembly parts in the large washing plants.

BLG LOGISTICS also offers you comprehensive technical services and quality control, carried out by our qualified specialists. In addition to the regular incoming goods inspection, we can check the material that we receive from the suppliers against other criteria. Examples could be to check that identity numbers match, that the material details are correct compared with the customer specifications, or that the dimensions match the engineering drawings. If required, we can extend our services for you to include functional checking and comprehensive material inspection. 

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Transport logistics

Individual transport concepts

When it comes to transporting machinery and equipment, we know what we're doing. All you need to do is decide where you want it to go. BLG LOGISTICS can take care of the regular transport between warehouse and production for you. Naturally, we synchronize the schedules precisely with the timing of production and adhere to them. Employing modern fleet vehicles, we select the optimal means of transport depending on requirements, size, and functions. To transport heavy components so-called Self-propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) are used. Our portfolio also includes individual shuttle concepts, tailored to local conditions such as existing ramps, roofing, or space requirements.

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Our service portfolio is backed up by our expertise in these areas

Supply chain management

  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Technology
  • IT management 
  • Quality management and sustainability

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Value-Added Services

  • Material surface cleaning using modern laser equipment
  • Precision cutting of long parts using CNC saws
  • Large washing plants for cleaning of components
  • Technical inspection and identity checks
  • Container management

Selected value-added services in production

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