Ecological commitment

Environmental management has already been firmly established in the company for years. The vast majority of sites in the AUTOMOBILE and CONTRACT divisions are certified in accordance with environmental standard ISO 14001. 

The publication of the first sustainability report corresponded with the specific CO2 goals that BLG has set for itself. According to these goals, the company's CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 20% by the year 2020. In order to achieve this goal, a great number of measures and initiatives are taking effect in the entire company, including the following:

  • Shifting of road transport to transport by rail and barge
  • Energy-efficient construction of new properties
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Lighting using LED technology
  • Use of electric vehicles
  • Shortened power-on time for peripheral devices and materials handling equipment
  • Changeover to recycled paper for all German sites
  • Recycling of industrial water

See an overview of all our certificates and quality seals here.

Social commitment

BLG LOGISTICS feels that it has a particular responsibility towards the health, skills, and social security of its employees.

In view of the predicted population development in Germany, BLG also faces the task of coping with the demographic changes through forward-looking HR management. Therefore, we place a particular focus on training and advanced training. As an internationally-operating logistics group, BLG assumes its social responsibility in all of its sites within and outside of Germany.

Other projects and initiatives in the area of social commitment:

  • Options for training in fourteen careers
  • Regular young manager trainee programs
  • Internships for students who are writing their final paper with BLG
  • School partnerships, cooperation with colleges and universities
  • School project „Maritime Wirtschaft und Logistik“ (maritime economy and logistics)/li>
  • Cooperation with workshops for disabled people
  • Integration of long-term unemployed people
  • For our employees: targeted advanced training via a personnel development program, prevention, design of jobs conducive to health, comprehensive occupational safety, extensive health management, fitness and sports options, scholarship program, measures to increase the compatibility of career and family, support of retirement provision, and much more
  • Involvement as a sponsor in the areas of sport, culture, and education
  • Cooperation with the UN World Food Program

You can find information on career entry and the promotion of young talent on our career pages.

Economic commitment

BLG LOGISTICS wants to be a reliable partner and employer for its customers, its employees, and its proprietors. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us to observe the principles of good company management in all business processes.

At BLG, we consider the essential elements for economic sustainability to be:

  • Long-term customer retention due to transparent communication and integrity in business processes
  • Constant improvement of our processes through quality management and innovation
  • A risk-aware and forward-looking financial policy

By investing in state-of-the-art port and logistics facilities and in its transport systems, BLG LOGISTICS assures the profitability and competitive ability of the company over the long term.

You can find further information in the current annual report.

Sustainability reports

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