We see ourselves as designers of your process chain. As one of Germany's largest multi-channel logistics service provider with decades of experience, we offer you tailor-made solutions in textile reconditioning: from quality inspection to ironing and sewing work to laundering services and finishing.

  • Textile reconditioning according to the AQL (acceptance quality limit) process (DIN ISO 2859)

  • Optimal goods quality and attractive presentation at the point of sale

  • Textile specialists, master tailors and clothing engineers

  • In-house ironing shop

  • Stain removal and sewing repairs

We are your partner for professional textile reconditioning with operations throughout Germany. Our services are always in style, including tailor-made logistics solutions for products in the areas: Fashion, sports and accessories.

As one of Germany's largest logistics service providers and a specialist in textile logistics, we offer you custom services for processing your textiles: These include quality checks, merchandise processing in the form of ironing and sewing, laundering and needs-based value-added services.

[Translate to Englisch:] Textilaufbereitung in Form von Fleckentfernung und Nähreparaturen durch eine Schneiderin
Textile reconditioning and sewing repairs.


After long transport periods in containers, textile goods are often no longer in a salable condition. Every day, our reconditioning teams give their all to ensure your textiles look great at the point of sale! Today's customers expect optimal merchandise quality and an attractive presentation in the retail outlet.

BLG LOGISTICS is ideally equipped to ensure just that and supports you with perfectly reconditioned merchandise. How can you be sure of this? Among other facilities, we have an in-house ironing shop featuring: 20 steam mannequins with a capacity of 40 items per hour, 29 manual ironing stations, 2 tunnel finishers with a capacity of 1,600 items per hour, 6 double trouser presses, 8 trouser toppers and 6 jacket presses. The total capacity of all ironing machines is just under 50,000 items per day.

We also offer other typical textile reconditioning services such as stain removal and sewing repairs. Our employees are expertly qualified: dressmakers, textile specialists, master tailors and clothing engineers ensure high-quality reconditioning of your textile products.

[Translate to Englisch:] Einer von 29 Handbügelplätzen in unserer hauseigener Bügelei für die Textilaufbereitung
In-house ironing shop for textile reconditioning.
[Translate to Englisch:] Speziell ausgebildete Textilfachkraft
Specially trained textile specialist.


No customer wants to receive an item of clothing with a faulty seam or a dirty mark. We make sure this doesn't happen by thoroughly checking all upper fabrics in our in-house textile reconditioning facility. Our quality inspection service provides extra hands and eyes for our customers to guarantee high product quality.

We work with the AQL procedure according to DIN ISO 2859: This means that a pre-defined random sample of the delivered merchandise undergoes an extensive inspection procedure which has been determined together with the customer. It includes optical inspection for surface defects and checks to ensure perfect seams and colors. Our specialists also check that the merchandise complies with the items ordered by comparing it with reference samples.They check correct sizing by measuring specific dimensions, and also carry out special tests such as waterproof testing of membrane fabrics.

Modification of textiles

You may require modification of your textiles. In this area, we also offer a range of services: From flocking to repairs to cleaning - we know how to upgrade and modify articles.

Apart from reconditioning of textiles for the fashion industry, we offer you the following services:

  • Labeling / re-labeling
  • Quality inspections
  • Packing / repacking

RFID and merchandise security

In B2B logistics, tracking and tracing play an important role. We apply groundbreaking technology to perfect our logistics for hanging as well as folded merchandise. Thanks to labeling with specially developed RFID labels, recipients know exactly what merchandise they will receive the next day. They also benefit from faster goods receipt, lower inventory costs, seamless merchandise security and error-free replenishment.

These value-creating and tailor-made services round off our services portfolio

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