Production logistics

As part of the logistics chain, production logistics is closely linked with the remaining elements. It marks the phase between procurement and distribution logistics. Our range of services in this area includes production supply, on-site logistics, module assemblies and subassemblies, and production disposal. The objective is to always optimize complex flows of goods in order to reduce costs and generate a competitive advantage for you.

Production supply and disposal

Our objective in production logistics is the optimal internal distribution of all goods, services, and information to the benefit of you as the customer. In order to reduce the idle time of work tools, we plan with foresight and with the goal of processing orders quickly. Thus, we can react flexibly to the requirements that you set.

Our services at a glance: 

  • Production preparation and completion of many kinds of value-adding tasks
  • Production supply via CKD and SKD
  • Sequencing and building of trays
  • On-site logistics tasks
  • Module assemblies and subassemblies
  • Production disposal
  • Shuttle transport
  • Supply and disposal for the production lines

Our services within production logistics

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