Individualized production disposal

One step in outbound logistics

In production logistics, disposal for the manufacturing lines is an important step. After production is completed, BLG LOGISTICS takes care of the subsequent processing steps before the product is delivered. We manage the customer requests and the product is packaged if required and combined in customer-specific shipping units. We can also look after the freight forwarding services and organize the handover to the carrier. 

In automobile logistics, we can take care of all disposal stages, beginning with taking charge of the new vehicles at the end of production. These are subsequently allocated to the transport services providers. If required, we can provide comprehensive terminal and parking site management.

Furthermore, we ensure that the vehicles are checked for damage and that transport protection is fitted. Our range of services includes technical handling and inspection of the vehicles. 

In the automotive area, the empty load carriers are removed from the line and replaced one-for-one with loaded carriers. 

In addition, assembled components are removed from production and channeled into the next production step. To prepare the shipping, the orders are managed and the produced components are packaged and combined in shipping units. 

In the food and beverage industry, the products must leave the production facilities as quickly as possible. We look after the handling of finished and semi-finished products, and we also take care of the packaging and the final disposal for the production lines.

Our production disposal services at a glance:

  • Takeover from production
  • Allocation/handover to transport services providers
  • Terminal and parking site management
  • Quality inspection
  • Fitting of transport protection
  • One-for-one exchange of load carriers
  • Order control
  • Packaging
  • Preparation of shipping units

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