Optimal coordination through container management

Safeguarding the container cycles

The availability of load carriers is a prerequisite for optimal flow of materials and smooth production. As part of production supply and production disposal, we can provide you with global, effective, and comprehensive container management.

In modern container management, perfect coordination of the filling of the containers, their locations, and the transport routes for the containers is particularly important. BLG LOGISTICS can fulfill these requirements, avoiding unnecessary delays in the container cycle by repairing the containers immediately or substituting them. In addition, the use of reusable containers and IT-assisted container management contributes to cost savings and a positive ecological balance.

We provide you with practical solutions and state-of-the-art container management that is eco-friendly and saves on costs.

Our services in this area include: 

  • Optimal availability of containers
  • Straightforward process chains
  • Cost savings and positive ecological balance
  • Repair or substitution of containers
  • Cleaning of containers in modern washing plants
  • Fulfillment of relevant ESD requirements


Industrial washing plant

BLG LOGISTICS operates ultramodern washing systems for small load carriers, plastic pallets, pallet covers and reusable packaging. In our industrial washing system, we can clean various types of small load carriers (KLT). Optimally co-ordinated systems from mechanics, temperature, chemicals and contact time solve the most complex cleaning requirements. Thus a constant and reliable cleaning result is ensured. The drying result is defined by high-performance drying with adjustable blow-out blades. Small load carriers pass through three fully automatic washing and a drying zone. The containers are completely dried at 70-85 degrees by means of air nozzles.

The capacity of our industrial washing plants in Eisenach and Offenburg ranges from around 2.3 million parts to about 6 million parts per year.

We protect the resources and consider ecological aspects:

  • Filtering of the water to 200 µm
  • Filtering ferrous metals about magnetic separators
  • Fresh water supply results only from evaporated water
  • Usage of pH-neutral cleaner
  • Fresh water is supplied only at the end of the process and is used without purification in the preceding process stages again

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