Contract logistics

Contract logistics: services along the supply chain

In contract logistics we offer all services along the supply chain for such diverse goods as car doors, rims, sneakers, foundation elements for offshore wind turbines weighing up to 1,000 tons, furniture, kitchens, bathroom fittings, railway components and deep-frozen potato products. We store, deliver, pack and unpack, handle conventional orders, online orders and returns and thus number among the leading German providers of logistics services.

We work for strong brands at our logistics centers and special warehouses at over 40 CONTRACT locations in Europe and overseas. Our clients also include major German and international carmakers that we also serve in the USA, South America, South Africa, China and Eastern Europe.

Contract logistics for industry

The industrial logistics segment represents all the logistics activities in the B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) areas. In the car manufacturer segment this includes the procurement logistics of the suppliers, the supply of production lines, as well as packaging and shipping. Complex system services ensure the reliable supply of assembly lines in Germany and abroad. BLG represents the link between manufacturers and suppliers. Consolidation centers and supplier logistics centers are the hubs of global services. With the pre-assembly of vehicle components and production-related work processes, BLG acts as an extended workbench of automobile manufacturers.

In industrial companies in other sectors, BLG designs and optimizes complex goods flows relating to production. The range of services also includes the supply and disposal of production lines, on-site logistics for the optimal design of internal goods flows, empties management and complex assemblies.

Excellent contract logistics solutions for retail & consumer good

Complex logistics processes for retail companies are designed, implemented, managed and executed in the retail logistics segment. Our warehouse logistics offers transparent and reliable processes and the optimization of material and information flows. The range of services encompasses comprehensive warehouse logistics, multi-channel logistics, e-commerce fulfillment and spare parts logistics.

The company’s in-house IT expertise used in providing innovative individual solutions for prestigious customers ensures comprehensive information and the movement of goods. At our Frankfurt site, BLG, together with a customer, was the first company in Europe to implement a robot-assisted logistics concept, which received the 2015 German Logistics Prize. In addition, the retail logistics segment includes the handling and storage of refrigerated and frozen goods at the Bremerhaven container terminal as well as all related services.

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Our Services

Procurement logistics services

Procurement logistics

Materials: from acquisition to acceptance, packaging development, in plant-based logistics, logistics supplier centers, coldstore logistics

Production logistics – Inbound to Outbound logistics

Production logistics

Production supply, sequencing and building of trays, On-site logistics and line feeding, plant-based logistics, module assemblies and subassemblies, production preparation and disposal, Outbound Logistics

Distribution logistics – Picking up to Returns

Distribution logistics

Warehouse logistics, multi-channel-fulfillment, picking concepts, e-commerce-fulfillment, shipping and reverse logistics, spare parts logistics, packaging
Cargo handling logistics with a network of seaport and inland terminals

Cargo handling logistics

European network for automobile logistics to loading and securing „on board“, cargo handling and storage, terminal logistics, project cargos „High & Heavy“, RoRo, sea shipping administration, stevedoring and lashing, customs clearance

Reverse logistics Infographic 10 million returns
Management of returns and complaints, recycling & container management

Reverse logistics

Management of returns and complaints, returns into the distribution cycle of goods, recycling management, eco-friendly disposal, repair and cleaning, container management, Industrial washing plant

Transport logistics – by road, rail and water

Transport logistics

Vehicle transport by trucks, barges and rail cars, freight forwarding services: land transport, sea freight, air freight and shuttle transport, Heavy load transport, on & offshore logistics