Multi-channel fulfillment

Multi-channel fulfillment for high volume in all distribution channels

"Partly" is not enough. Performance has to be up to standard on all fronts – every single bar of music and the entire concert. This applies particularly in the area of multi-channel logistics. This is because, in the case of all retailers and producers that distribute their products via multiple different channels, the consumer automatically expects and considers it obligatory for the distribution channels to be ever more interlinked. All items should be available at all times, in the case of both the brick and mortar retail outlet and the online store – and available exactly where the customer wishes. Naturally, these expectations bring with them high demands on the logistics processes of every commercial and manufacturing company.

An example: Multi-channel logistics on a large scale

To implement holistic multi-channel logistics, BLG LOGISTICS designed and constructed a logistics facility where, for one of our customers, we supply all distribution channels from a central stock of products. It's all the same whether the customer order involves one sales unit or the supply of whole distribution centers with entire pallets – all distribution channels access one stock of products, from which more than 100 million sales units per year are delivered. 

This consistent multi-channel approach results in overall higher availability of items and optimization of the product stocks. A sophisticated picking concept, with the aid of intelligent IT systems and complex materials handling technology, facilitates benchmark logistics for the supply of the European retail trade as well as direct orders that have come in from online stores, printed catalogs, or by telephone. Here too, we focus on the highest possible quality and attention to detail at all times.

Needs-based picking with the right picking system

Customer order picking that is on schedule with no errors is the prerequisite for happy customers, regardless of which product is being picked, whether the recipient is a private or a business customer, and whether it is a question of brick and mortar retail or e-commerce. Our process management and operations teams find the best possible picking concept for you depending on assortment, order structure, and shipment volume. It is essential to fulfill specifications regarding lead times, volume fluctuations, and customer requirements, at the same time avoiding process errors and minimizing costs. To do this, we use various picking systems:

  • Single-step and multi-step picking
  • Order picking and batch picking
  • Single and multi-order picking
  • Use of current technology solutions (pick-by-light, pick-by-voice, etc.)
  • Ongoing or downstream error checking (scanning, weighing technology, etc.)

The package as a business card en route to the recipient

The buying experience of your customers is fundamentally influenced by how the goods arrive at the recipient. The correct packaging that keeps the goods safe during transport also plays a role that should not be underestimated. Therefore, we help you with selecting suitable packaging material and drawing up and implementing the corresponding packing instructions. This also includes, if appropriate, the inclusion of targeted and non-targeted inserts and giveaways or the adherence to specified packing heights of pallets for certain recipients.

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