Management of returns and complaints: fast and efficient

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction

In ever increasing numbers of online businesses, growing rates of returns are unwelcome but nevertheless unavoidable. On top of this are complaints about defective goods, goods deliveries, or other processes. In all processes, we focus on fast consumer-friendly processing in order to rebuild the customer satisfaction of the end consumer and return the goods into the distribution cycle cost-efficiently. 

In our transparent and fast management of returns and complaints, we use efficient processes for sorting and reprocessing in which the returns are checked and evaluated according to the specifications of the customer. We look after reconditioning to make items salable and the correction of defects with new packaging as well as the disposal of defective goods if necessary. Additionally, we can provide you with the automated generation of credit notes. The services we offer in returns and complaints management also include taking care of the replacement delivery or return consignment and reverse transaction for the defective item. 

In these process steps, we direct the goods rapidly back into the distribution cycle to ensure that they are available again as quickly as possible.

We extensively use automated processes in all of our work and the newest technologies in our warehouses. This supports the processing of returns, making it easier, and contributes overall to a reduction in the returns rate.

Our services at a glance:

  • Sorting and processing with checking of returns 
  • Complaints processing and generation of credit notes
  • Reconditioning of returns to make them salable (new packaging, correction of defects)
  • Disposal of defective goods
  • Return consignment and reverse transaction for defective items

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