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More than just stacking boxes

Our core competence lies in the global supply of assembly lines with vehicle parts and components. We offer complete logistics solutions for the Completely Knocked Down (CKD) and Semi Knocked Down (SKD) supply strategies.

In the CKD area, parts from manufacturers and suppliers are combined, packed as a complete vehicle kit, and transported by container to the overseas assembly lines. In SKD supply, BLG LOGISTICS disassembles vehicles, packs the assembly kits, and takes care of the transport via truck, railroad, or ship. Packaging planning, requirements planning for the packaging material, picking, cross-docking, and containerization round out our service profile.

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Module assemblies

Every screw in place

As a central link in the supply chain, we control and optimize complex logistics processes for production supply. We act as part of the production and assembly lines and take charge of subassemblies and module assemblies. 

BLG LOGISTICS also acts as a supplier in the automobile industry and looks after the purchase of materials, monitoring of service parameters, and inventory control. Completed modules are fed into just-in-time production.

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Container management for the automotive industry

Safeguarding the container cycles

The availability of load carriers is a prerequisite for optimal flow of materials and smooth production. As part of production supply and production disposal, we can provide you with global container management. BLG LOGISTICS organizes the return transport for the load carriers, processes them, and carries out any repairs that may be necessary. Returning the containers to you and your partners completes the cycle.

In the automotive industry, stringent requirements must be met regarding the cleanliness of the containers. Load carriers are cleaned meticulously using modern and eco-friendly washing plants and thoroughly prepared for the next production steps. Where necessary, any relevant ESD requirements are met.

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Spare parts logistics

Managing diversity

In the automobile industry, the particular logistical challenge is the diversity of parts and the permanent availability and quick reliable supply of these parts.

BLG LOGISTICS can offer you comprehensive planning of the process chain: supplier management and provision for service parameters, with monitoring of inventory, through to quality inspection, dispatch control, and subsequent consignment tracking. 

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Line feeding

Directly to the line

We map complex logistics processes for production supply and deliver individual parts and modules just in time to the locations where they will be used in your production lines.

BLG LOGISTICS works together with you as our customer to plan customized tugger train concepts and look after your internal transportation. We also manage on-site warehousing and material collection points.

Furthermore, ready assembled components are taken from the production line and prepared for the next processing steps. As part of recycling and waste management, we make sure that materials and waste are disposed of correctly. 

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Just-in-time supply

Working with sequencing, we are completely in sync with the customer. Parts for vehicle-specific trays are picked and sequenced. The components are delivered to the assembly line, synchronized to arrive just in time for production. In order to ensure high process reliability, BLG LOGISTICS operates automated small parts warehouses and integrates handling equipment for large component sequencing.

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Shuttle transport on-site

Internal transport every minute

We can take care of the regular transport between warehouse and production for you, as well as the internal transport. Naturally, we synchronize the schedules precisely with the timing of your production and adhere to them. Employing modern fleet vehicles, BLG LOGISTICS selects the optimal means of transport depending on requirements, size, and functions. Our portfolio also includes individual shuttle concepts, tailored to local conditions such as existing ramps, roofing, or space requirements.

Furthermore, we run logistics supplier centers for supplying production on the basis of the demand from the assembly lines. We deliver the parts on demand and take the empty containers back again.

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Our service portfolio is backed up by our expertise in these areas

Supply Chain Management

  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Technology 
  • IT management 
  • Quality management and sustainability

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 Value-Added Services 

  • Preservation facilities for assembly components
  • Hardening equipment for automobile parts
  • Packaging development and planning
  • Module assembly
  • Modification of technical modules

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