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E-commerce fulfillment for fashion logistics

Behind short online ordering procedures lie complex logistics processes. Mobile end devices enable the purchasing and sharing of information virtually anywhere. Fast delivery times and 24-hour service are expected.

From setting up an online store to the further development of existing concepts, together with well-known partners, we can provide guidance for our customers in their e-commerce activities. We can take care of the shipping and returns logistics of the online store for you. Not only that but, with our partners, we provide support for both the setting up and further development of the online store, including payment handling and the development and operation of customer services. Based on existing standards, together with you, we develop an individual concept for your e-commerce activities

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Warehouse logistics for the sports & fashion industry

An interdisciplinary project team works out a storage concept that meets the specific requirements for the goods, considering all of the current storage types.

The warehouse organization is a critical factor in efficient warehouse logistics. With the aid of IT, we monitor all systems, organize replenishment control, and optimize the placement of the goods. We carry out technical optimization of existing customer systems or use new technologies, such as pick-by-light, in the warehouses. The demands on the logistics service provider are different for every warehouse, depending on the statutory provisions and the customer requirements. We meet the particular challenges in each case and develop sustainable solutions.

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Multi-channel fulfillment for textile logistics for high volume in all distribution channels

For retailers and producers who use all distribution channels (brick and mortar, online, catalog, webstore, and telephone), the consumers expect the distribution channels to be interlinked. With both the brick and mortar retailer and the online store, all items must be available at all times, and indeed wherever the consumer wants.

We can offer you the development of a holistic multi-channel logistics system, beginning with the design, construction, and operation of a logistics facility, through to the supply of all distribution channels from a central stock of products. A multi-channel approach that is implemented in a consistent manner results in overall higher availability of items and optimization of the product stocks. 

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Picking - Intelligent picking concepts for our customers

We can combine products for the single end customer individually, with no errors, and on schedule, fulfilling customer specifications regarding lead times and volume fluctuations. To do this, we find appropriate solutions for our customers: single-step and multi-step picking, order picking and batch picking, single and multi-order picking, the use of current technology solutions (pick-by-light, pick-by-voice, etc.), ongoing or downstream error checking (scanning, weighing technology, etc.)

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Returns management in the fashion industry

The high rates of returns in the fashion area are not welcomed by retailers or producers, but are unfortunately unavoidable. First, there is a requirement to unburden the customer quickly. Then, it is a question of swiftly feeding the goods into the distribution cycle to minimize the handling charges. In order to increase the availability of items, sophisticated sorting and preparation processes are used.

Together with you as our customer, we develop individual returns concepts in order to make the goods available to be redispatched quickly. These could include: checking of returns shipments (identity check, fraud check, etc.), assessment of items (goods quality, reusability, etc.), sorting of goods according to customer specifications, preparation of returned goods (repackaging, correction of defects, etc.) and disposal of defective goods.

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Our service portfolio is backed up by our expertise in these areas

Supply chain management

  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Technology
  • IT management 
  • Quality management and sustainability

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Value-Added Services

  • Merchandise processing
  • Display construction and stocking
  • Packing and repacking
  • Modification of textiles
  • Labeling / relabeling

Selected value-added services for finished products

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